(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control
(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control

(Last day 60% DISCOUNT !!!) 2019 Wireless earphones with touch control

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Five reasons to choose a product from us


The world's most professional wireless waterproof earplugs  have super high-fidelity sound and extremely long playing time. This is your perfect companion with IPX7 waterproof . Developed by award-winning best audio engineers, they deliver next-generation technology to today's active audience .     


It's time to say goodbye to the headphone cable and welcome the real connection. With lightning-fast Bluetooth technology 5 , certified IPX7 protection rating ( waterproof and dustproof ) as well as 360 hours of battery life that you really need is a truly wireless headset.       

Extensive research has been conducted to meet the needs of the most demanding audience. These earbuds have many high-tech features, such as all-weather battery life, full waterproofnoise reduction , compatibility with Smart Assistant , and can take your hearing to the next level.   


sound excellent sound quality

✅IPX7 waterproof

aptX support

Graph improves the sound with graphene

Ergonomic design

almost no signal delay with Bluetooth 5.0

Touch intuitive touch sensor

Not always failing to design

✅4000mHA 60 hours play time/talk time and battery life over 360 hours

Smartphone charging a smartphone (as a mobile phone)


a design that never falls

Ergonomically designed and never falling off . Ultra-lightweight earplugs ensure long-term comfort.   

The bad thing is that when you need the most music, the battery is exhausted. But the charging box has a high-quality built-in 4000 mAh battery , which has almost batch processing. When fully charged, the charging case provides 360 hours of playback time for the headset . After each listening, simply charge the headphones by putting them back on the charging dock. If you use a wireless music device between two charges for up to a month! Therefore, the charging box can be used as another battery (as a mobile phone power supply)         

Another battery as a mobile device ( as a power source for mobile phones ) 

The headset is equipped with a 2200 mAh high capacity battery. The charging box provides additional charging current for smartphones or other mobile devices. A reliable emergency power source when needed.

Our team spent thousands of hours testing nearly 1000 different drivers with the best audio engineers to break through the boundaries of audio technology.  

Excellent technology means superior sound: experience first-class sound quality , enjoy incredibly powerful bass , sharp mid-range and clear voice and unique privacy with its own private space.        

Graphene Custom Device Driver - A highly conductive, flexible material consisting of a lattice of carbon atoms combined in a hexagonal pattern. This advanced material produces mid-range and high-pitched sounds that are rich in detail and perfectly matched to the bass.  

Get high-fidelity CD-quality sound by using aptX technology . With aptX audio, Bluetooth wireless devices can provide high definition (HD) audio. In order to continuously sample audio data between one time point and the next time point, the audio data is reproduced so that the optimum audio data can be accurately reproduced even after compression and decompression. It also consumes very little battery and has almost no delay for the best wireless listening experience .      

The unfortunate problem with most wireless headsets on the market is signal delays and traps. Especially unbearable when watching movies or playing games. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity enables faster, more stable sound transmission. In addition, it can be seamlessly synchronized with visual media due to the AptX function with low signal delay.  

Provide the latest and best Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth 5.0 , you get the strongest, most reliable connection. The strongest connection and speed means greater data transfer capacity. This means that only the most advanced Bluetooth technology can provide incredible detail, powerful sound quality and no audio video delay.      

The IPX7 headphonesare 100% waterproof inside and out , allowing them to move and adapt to harsh environments. This means that the headset can befullyimmersedinwaterup to 1meterdeepfor30 minutes. So you don't have to worry about swimming, surfing or hiking in the rain.      

You ask. Their answer. Visit your favorite virtual assistant in the letter. With a single touch, you can talk to Siri or GOOGLE without having to take your phone out. 

Voice AI Control (for Siri, Google, Microsoft Voice AI)

Intuitive touch sensor that can be activated with a single click

For months, we have collected data from thousands of ears on six continents to create a perfect combination of proprietary shapes, earbuds and wings . The best ergonomic pitch, angle and contact point make it easy to comfort for maximum comfort, sound insulation and distance to the eardrum. The UNI combines the tip of the ear mold with the tip of the wing through a unique system that provides a comfortable and secure seal for each ear.    


You cannot control the volume of your environment. But you can control the sound you hear. Use advanced Qualcomm CVC 8.0 noise reduction headphones  to reduce ambient noise. Achieve incredibly immersive, clear-sound audio environments to isolate harmful sounds. 

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Due to the high demand, please allow 7-15 days of delivery time. However, you may receive your item earlier.

Don't worry, we always attach a tracking number to the package. So you can track every step of it!  

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We firmly believe that we have created one of the most innovative products in the world. Therefore, we can provide a 60-day risk-free guarantee.

If you do not have a shopping experience with us, we will do our best to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with this purchase. 

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